Our Story

Fiyora is established in 1989 by celebrated designer Fikawati Suhadi. At the heart of her creation is her love for little girls and their spirit of youth,  translating into garments that bring joy for children. 

Celebrating the birth of the long awaited daughter in 1994, she adores her little girl and often make custom dresses for her.  Word travelled far and the business grew to over 11 countries, mainly in Asia and the Middle East.

Now, starting from the design by mother- daughter duo, Fikawati & Fiyona, all of Fiyora pieces are hand-crafted in Indonesia by a group of talented women using their craftsmanship skills to create intricate hand beadings and details. 

Each Fiyora pieces is a guaranteed to bring sparkle to the eye and warmth to the heart. With each garment tested from a mother's caution, choosing breathable lightweight and soft fabric gentle to the skin.  

So...much more than just a clothing, each Fiyora pieces are a celebration of love for little girls.